Trees that grow to approx 6m

Note: Only the selection of small grade plants listed below are available through the online shop, These plants are in tube grade, this is the only way we can keep the freight cost down for our customers, more plants will be added soon.

  • Lacebark (Hoheria)
    Large weeping evergreen tree, one of the only flowering native trees.
  • Pittosporum
    Pittosporum are a well known general use tree. Commonly used from hedging and riparian plantings.
  • Ribbonwood
    The Ribbonwood is a semi deciduous tree that does not have a large spread therefore making it ideal for adding height without taking up too much space.
  • Cabbage Tree
    Some can grow to 10 metres and the flowers attract native birds such as Tui and Bellbirds this is truly an iconic NZ tree.

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