Fertilizer Tablets...a simple solution....Laughing

We now produce our own fertilizer tablets, these tablets will provide sufficient plant nutrition for 12 months.


 12 Month Fertilizer Tablets are $0.46c each


For a regular grade plant place 1 tablet at approximately 25mm (1 inch) deep at the drip line. A further tablet can be added 12 months or so later this time placing the tablet at the new drip line.

The drip line is the outer most point from the trunk to the leaf tips where you would expect water to drip off and hit the soil. Covering the tablet with a layer of soil prevents the suns UV breaking down its elements and evaporating them away, it also promotes a more regulated uptake of the nutrient’s as the fertilizer is somewhat protected from rapid breakdown due to irrigation and rain. 

Our tablets are a hand made compressed mix of high grade Nitrophoska (NPK), Fish (Marinus) nutrient’s and Trace Elements (Te) all of which we use regularly at the nursery.

We can send these tablets to you by courier or you can purchase them from the nursery, contact us on (2074) 938 619 or info@cops.org.nz

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