Living roofs



Central Otago Property Services was contracted by StormWater360 Ltd to propagate plants and prepare the LiveRoof® modules for instillation at the Mt Difficulty winery barrel store in Bannockburn (Near Cromwell, Central Otago)

Our part of this living roof project took six months in total to complete, firstly we undertook the propagation of some 12,000 native tussocks and grasses as well as collection and establishment of thyme and sedum, all are seen in the Central Otago landscape.

We took delivery of the the components for the 4700 modules required to cover the 900Sqm roof followed by 140 cubic metres of specially blended soil (substrate) for live roofs.

Putting together the modules, filling and planting took 4 weeks then it was a matter of maintaining a good growing environment. The planted modules were grown on for a further two months before the instillation was to commence.

The instillation took four days, follow the links below:

Time lapse video of Mt Difficulty LiveRoof® instillation

Slideshow of Mt Difficulty LiveRoof® project







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