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  • The sub alpine look
    These plants are in the wild, this look can be acheived domestically but it does take time. There are only a couple of different plants in this shot. Basically just low growing Hebe's, Tussocks and Grasses.
  • A planting idea
    These plants are in the wild, however this look can be acheived in a domestic setting, but it does take time.
  • Fire risk
    The New Years Day 2010 fire in Roxburgh our home town is a reminder that you need to be careful where you plant. Careful plant selection can reduce the fire risk and certain plants do not burn well at all but some such as Manuka and Tussocks are very flammable. This fire was fanned by northerly winds with an air temperature of 35 Deg when it started so anything even slightly combustible burned.
  • Snow tussocks
    Simple plantings of large snow tussocks are effective. We believe placement should be quite random as it is in nature.

    Picture taken above Skippers Canyon (Otago)
  • Macrocarpa and gravel steps
    Steps and pathways create interset, where do they go ?

    We installed these steps for a client off a deck with
    a designer garden and it gives the sense of going to
    somewhere new..?
  • Alpine scrub look
    This is a scrubby look but fits in well in certain settings. Once again there are only a few different plants here.

    Photo taken above Skippers Canyon (Otago)
  • Formal designer settings
    In this instance we worked in with a designer and the client's, sourced the plants and carried out the planting according to the supplied plans.
  • Sub alpine look
    Tussocks, grasses and low growing hebe.

    Photo taken above Skippers Canyon (Otago)
  • Mixed shrubs / tussocks
    Mixed native shrubs and tussocks in their natural environment. Unfortunately we can't supply the mountains !
  • Prevent overgrowth
    This bank is being prepared for mass planting. Mass planting helps prevent overgrowth of undesirable plants (weeds)
  • Re Planting
    This area was cleared of pine trees and is ideal for native planting. Plants were selected to blend in with the fence.
  • Along roadsides
    Roadside plantings need some consideration so that they do not create any hazards. Road noise can be minimised buy using certain planting patterns and suitable plants. A staggered planting is usually best.
  • Waste areas
    Waste areas like this are suited to mass plantings. Mass planting helps prevent overgrowth of pest plants.
  • Mixed native planting
    This area had been planted for three years when this photo was taken and looks quite natural.

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